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DJ Peter piper

While this Brooklyn native grew up inspired by the DJs of Hot 97FM and WKTU, it was his time as a B-Boy where Peter Piper began his DJ path. While shutting down venues as a member of the BKC Breakdance Crew, he randomly connected with DJ 360, a Scratch DJ instructor and the Breaks Kru DJ. Under 360’s intense training and mentorship, Peter Piper developed both his crowd reading and turntable skills. From that point on, he transitioned from controlling the crowd’s eyes to controlling their ears.

Starting out in the underground party scene, Peter Piper originally made a name for himself serving out funk, soul, and Afrobeats as part of his Fela tribute parties. Forever the musical chameleon, his parties were also heavily influenced by house, hip-hop, R&B, and dancehall, music from his Brooklyn upbringing. Over time, his popular house parties led him to the bar and club scenes across the city. 

 His venue resume gradually expanded with his music library, infusing Latin, Pop, Indie, Rock, and Disco into sets to diversify his sound. Today, with over 8 years of party-rocking experience under his belt, Peter Piper is a full-blown open format DJ, capable of giving the crowd exactly what they want, whenever they want it. 

Whether it’s performing at well-known NYC hotspots – Hudson Terrace, Brooklyn Bowl, Brooklyn Bazaar, and Madame X, to name a few – or developing business collaborations with Math Magazine, Droga 5, or the London-based REISS clothing brand, Peter Piper has his sights set on leaving his mark on New York and beyond.