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The founder and head DJ here at BPM Sam Turner is meticulously committed to his craft. He is a stylish, talented, music fanatic, and a natural people pleaser.  He has put his ten thousand hours in as a professional DJ and it shows in the way he reads and adapts to all crowds. Wether it's an intimate night, or a wild blow out, he loves to rock a party. With residencies, concerts, and 5+ years in the wedding/event DJ industry under his belt he feels comfortable DJing in all situations. Music is his true passion and those who hire him find that he brings out their passion for music when working towards collaborating on the perfect event. 

With a decade of DJ experience (dating back to his college years), Sam is one of the most highly sought after BPM DJs, having spun at hundreds of weddings and corporate events, and countless, clubs, lounges, shows, concerts, etc etc etc!